Odd Electrical problem under the dash

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Odd Electrical problem under the dash

Message par crowek » sam. 28 juil. 2018 13:28


I am about to pull the dash in order to replace the blower motor and the resister. While at it, I want to deal with two problems for which I have no potential solution aside from cleaning up the grounds. First problem: when I turn on the blower, the fuse blows, disabling the wipers. I will be checking out the switch (it is new) and the connections when I get the dash out. Second problem: In the past few months, with no discernible pattern, tach, fuel gauge, temperature gauge and indicator lights for the turn signals, battery, and oil/engine fail to light up. Re-starting the van seemed to solve the problem. This does not affect the turn signals themselves and the indicator light for high-beam continues to work. The problem has been intermittent, now constant. Has anyone else had either of these problems? Am I headed in the right direction(s)?

Please help.

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